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Ok, wow. This is an excerpt from just now:
15 [Alternative College 80s R] 3WK Classic Alternative Radio
90045:guns n` roses/rocket queen - appetite for destruction/geffen
13/500 96 MP3

Ok, ummmm, isn't the existence of GNR exactly the reason for alternative radio in the first place, especially back in the 90's (and this is a 90's stream) ???

And to think I once recommended 3wk as one of the top two streams on the internet... hahaha



Happy New Year!

The Chaos Top 50 of 2005

No-show Rock show

The college radio station I dj at put on a concert on April 6th 2003 - it was supposed to be the last night of the big CMJ/MTV2 tour featuring White Light Motorcade and three other bands. Only White Light Motorcade played. One band had the gaul to show up and then not play, because they thought our venue was a "dump". Learn more here. But I want to urge all Radio XY listeners to please not support the band that stood us up. The raveonettes are ungrateful pretentious rock stars that don't deserve your support. Don't buy their CD's or go to their shows. There are so many other good bands out there...

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